This UK troubadour is raw at near every note, creating haunting landscapes. And when West summons that guttural growl, it wants to tear at your soul. ”

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There are million and one troubadours who ...think this stuff is easy. There aren’t many as interesting as this. “Rusted” is the type of record that makes true sense when it’s you and the darkness of the small hours with everything you regret for company.”

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A walking dichotomy of genres and influences, Alt Country troubadour, Mike West is as comfortable performing at a metal festival, as he is at a tattoo convention, arts café or folk club. This widespread appeal is down to his honest lyrics, driving rhythms and diverse subject range, from his home town of Rock Ferry to the practice of Tibetan Sky Funerals, all driven by his relentless guitar. 

With his debut E.P ‘Rusted’, named from him coming to terms with the fact that he not that Metal anymore, Mike explored the themes of working for the machine, Walt Whitman’s poetry, love, struggle and the dereliction of his home town and with an ever expanding repertoire of songs, his live performances are a roller coaster of existentialism, literature and dealing with the pressing questions in his life, wrapped up into relatable songs you can tap your feet too. 

Mike has had the pleasure of touring across the UK and Europe as well as supporting diverse artists such as Shawn James on his first UK tour, warming up crowds in Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham, earning fans with his down to earth manner and reliable songs and gaining traction within each city, Tony Wright (Terrorvision), Michele Stodart (Magic Numbers),The Pierce Brothers, Left Lane Cruiser and Cecil Allen Moore. Mike appeals to head bangers and folk twangers whether he is playing Latitude Festival or PentreFest. 

Mike West is an honest, open musician constantly improving through his song writing and live performances, developing a unique blend of optimistic and realistic world views with a driving rhythm of acoustic music that pays tribute to his array of influences while sounding unlike any other acoustic act around. Currently touring Europe with the release of The Next Life, his first full length record, Mike West is quickly establishing himself as one of the U.K's top Alt Country artists. 

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Photo by Keith Talbot

Photo by Keith Talbot

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